The study of commerce is related to the day to day needs

This time about commerce: Every day new revolutions are happening in the world. At this time, the importance of commerce has increased even more. Big companies need commerce experts as company secretary. Chartered Accountants, Accountants, Cost and Works Accountants are required by every department to conduct an account audit. That is why the demand for field experts has increased even more. It has immense job prospects. Demand has increased even more due to the increase in industrial activity.

Commerce is job Oriented course. Compared to science and arts, it is a study related to everyday events of a person’s life. He lives in it. What is needed, what are its means, how will the budget be made, where will it buy things, what things will be better to buy, how will it be accounted for and produced. Information about all these things is taught through commerce. Any ordinary student can master it with a little attention.

Generally, there is a mindset of people that if they study science, they will become doctors or engineers, but the infrastructure is not available for them everywhere. They do not get the right opportunity but they become frosted but this is not the case with commerce students. They can move slowly and go further. At the same time, if the Arts Stupendants do not remove the BPSC, UPSC, then they are also under stress. Whereas students of commerce have all the options open. He can range from CA to Administrative Officer. The trend of youth has increased due to increasing awareness. Given its importance, it should be taught from high school itself. If commerce is taught in all schools, children will take it seriously. The truth is that commerce is a faculty with many subjects and all of them should be given equal attention.

Immense possibilities since twelfth

– There are many possibilities in this subject after twelfth which leads to a better career. Commerce students can take the CPT exam after the twelfth. If successful, you can continue your Chartered Accountant (CA) studies. CA is in great demand in India and is also considered a very respectable profession. A company secretary is also a very good option. Apart from this, you can also do Industrial Cost and Work Account course. A course in computer accounting can also be done with BCom. Some courses of official secretariat can also be done.

Banking and e-commerce

– Banking exams can be given after class XII or graduation. UPSC, SSC, Railway exams can be given. Most of the youth are interested in going to MBA after B.Com. E-commerce is a good option for a career. Nowadays most of the business is happening on electronic media or net. This area requires youth who are technical experts. The e-commerce course is a course specializing in networking and programming. In which deep knowledge about commerce, management and computer programming, networking is given. After doing these courses, you can join good and big companies. Placement opportunities are also available with good packages. After the twelfth, Devi Ahilya University, Indore conducts a five-year integrated MBA in e-commerce for which the entrance examination takes place.

8 career options in commerce

1. Bachelor of Commerce :

Three Year Graduation Course in Commerce after XII. With the help of this degree, you can make a career in accounting finance, operations, taxation, and many other fields. It provides information on Goods Accounting, Accounts, Profit and Loss and Company Law. This is the first step in a career.

2. Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) :

Often students are not able to differentiate between Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) and Bachelor of Commerce. Actually, BCom Honors is a three-year degree program consisting of 40 subjects in total. Specialization is also made in one subject in marketing management, accounting, and financial management, international trade and finance, e-commerce, banking or human and resource management.

3. B.Com – Accounting and Finance :

There is a three-year degree program after XII. After this, there are many opportunities in accounts and finance. Initially one can work as a trainee accountant. About 39 subjects of accounts, finance, taxation are taught in this program. This degree program focuses more on financial knowledge.

4. B.Com – Banking and Insurance :

It is both an academic and a professional degree. It provides information about accounting, banking, insurance law, banking law, and insurance risk cover. In this degree, a systematic study of topics and topics covered in the banking and insurance industry is conducted. It consists of 38 subjects. Apart from this, there are two projects related to banking and insurance. After this, courses with higher education like M Com, MBA, CFA can be done. Not only this, but one can also apply for jobs in the field of auditing, accountancy, banking, finance in government and private sector.

5. Cost and Work Accountant :

It is a similar course from CA. The Institute of Cost and Works Accountant of India offers a course in cost accountancy. For this, the twelfth pass students first have to do a foundation course. After completing the course, there is a chance to work on the cost accountant and related posts. The entrance exam takes place in June and December for admission. After the foundation course, the intermediate course is to be done and then like CA, the course is completed by giving the final exam.

6. BCom – Financial Markets:

It provides information about finance, investments, stock market, capital, mutual funds. The program consists of six semesters and a total of 41 subjects are taught. After this degree, one can get a job as a Trainee Associate, Finance Officer, Finance Controller, Finance Planner, Risk Management, Money Market Dealer, Insurance Manager.

7. Chartered Accountant :

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) offers a Chartered Accountant course. To start a career in CA, it starts with the Common Proficiency Test, only after passing it can the students cross the first stage of their goal and reach the second stage. It covers four subjects such as Accounting, Mercantile Law, General Economics and Quantitative Aptitude. Accredited boards can pursue a career in CA after passing XII in Commerce stream. Many times students start taking the CA course after graduation, but it is okay to do it only after the 12th standard. To prepare for CA, students should first get a stronghold in accounting. It is very important to have an expert view in students with expert knowledge in management and financial sector.

8. Company Secretary :

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) runs company secretary programs in the country. Students can apply for the post of XII in Science, Commerce, and Arts, which does not include Fine Arts. It has three phases – Foundation, Executive and Professional. Graduates can take a CS course in any stream except Fine Arts. Graduate candidates are exempted from the eight-month foundation course and get admission directly to the second phase. After doing an executive and professional course, it is mandatory to train for sixteen months with a company or an experienced or practicing company secretary. After a professional course and training, students automatically become associate members of ICSI.

Many courses can be done from here

  1. Patna University, Patna

  2. St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

  3. Shriram College of Commerce, Delhi

  4. Symbiosis, Pune

  5. Madras Christian College, Chennai

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