The scope of philosophy is not limited to research or teaching

Philosophy is a subject that creates such an understanding in you that you are ready to analyze accurately and accurately. It teaches you the reality of life and its nature, attitude towards society, etc. This not only prepares you to become a professional but also leads you to establish yourself in business. The study of philosophy is not a new subject for us.

Although some time ago, due to the shortage of jobs in this field, students started distancing themselves, but as it is said that history always repeats itself, these days many young people are understanding the socio-political functioning of the country. In such a situation, a craze is appearing in the students once again about this subject. Since humans have always had a habit and need to argue and debate and this requirement is well met by philosophy.

Philosophy is a group of subjects rather than a single subject which includes subjects like History, Psychology, Politics as well as Logics, Ethics and Indian Religion and World. To study this subject, it is necessary for students to have a desire to develop passion and understanding in it because, in philosophy, something related to every subject is found.

Why choose Philosophy

– It is considered to be the subject of the study of subject, general and fundamental problems that are connected with reality, presence, utility, understanding, reason, mind-mind and language. Many people choose this subject only for their hobbies or adopt it for teaching or personal management. It is necessary to understand here that those who choose Philosophy because of their interest can understand it better.

The road will start from here

– You can choose the Philosophy subject in your graduation degree. You can also study master’s in it. You can also earn degrees like MPhil and Ph.D. Many universities teach this subject as a combination course such as the London School of Economics, BSc Philosophy and Economics, BSc Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Methods, BSc Politics, Philosophy and Economics, and BSc Politics and Philosophy. Here, one can also opt for this Combination Degree course, M.Sc. Various national and international universities including Oxford also conduct short term courses in this subject.

These skills must also be

– This subject prepares you to view any topic from different angles. In such a situation, it is very important for students to have skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, as well as their communication skills, command on research work and inclination towards the subject. Participating in debate competitions can overcome many of your doubts.

World of opportunities

– Despite being separated from professional qualifications, the study of philosophy creates a new world of opportunities for you. Writing, teaching, and research for a philosopher is a job field. Apart from this, aspirants can also brighten their careers in fields like Management Consultancy, Computer Science, Law. Along with this, work like Public Relations, Policy Analysis, Journalism, Consulting, Government Jobs, Social Work are also open for Philosophy Graduates and Post Graduates. In areas such as journalism and creative writing, aspirants can establish themselves by improving their analytical skills and ideas. Apart from these, you can also serve the country by giving examinations of various administrative services like IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. conducted by institutions like UPSC, MPSC. Students can work as advisors, lobbyists (activists) and specialists in the HR department of any organization after their graduation in this subject.

Study from here

  • – Crust College, Bangalore
  • – Garden City College, Bangalore
  • – Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi
  • – St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata
  • – University of Mumbai, Mumbai
  • – St. Stephen’s College, Delhi
  • – Loyola College, Chennai
  • – Ferguson College, Pune.

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