Psychology gives you many career options

How does any person think? Or how does a person’s behavior change in different situations? Or why a person gets uncomfortable while talking to a stranger, while many people do not mind who they are talking to?

If you are looking for these questions then you are definitely interested in Psychology. In such a situation, a search for a career in this subject can lead you to success. Know what are your prospects in the field of Psychology.

You can choose any stream in XII to become a Psychologist. However, nowadays, many schools offer Psychology as an optional subject in their curriculum. To develop a basic understanding of it, you should adopt psychology as a subject in class XII.

Bachelors in Psychology

– Doing a Bachelor (BA or BSc) degree course in Psychology is the foundation work for becoming a Psychologist. During this degree, a student gets to read all the topics related to this course, which helps you to know about your interest. During this course, students study subjects such as General Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Development Psychology, Organizational Behavior, etc. Theoretical Matter is usually read more in subjects related to Psychology, but its The Statistics subject also includes a study of numeric applications.


– Many colleges take an entrance test to get admission in post-graduation. Students with different subjects or streams in graduation can also do post-graduation in Psychology. During this time you have to choose your area of ​​expertise and do a deep study of a given topic. In this course, you also have to do two to three months of research work under the direction of an expert.

Opportunities in Psychology

There are many opportunities available after post-graduation, such as NGOs, Old Age Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, etc. Counselors are needed in these. These problems also include traumatic events or relationships in clients’ lives. Similarly, counselors in Old Age Homes try to create a family-like atmosphere.

Career options

– It is mandatory for Psychologists and Counselors wishing to practice in the Psychology field to register with the Rehabilitation Council of India. To practice as a Clinical Psychologist (RCI), a candidate must have an MPhil.

In the education sector :

This is an area full of opportunities for psychologists. Various jobs are available in schools like counselors, trainers, career counselors, etc. A psychologist helps students overcome various bad experiences and stay stress-free. Apart from this, it is also their job to make the school environment positive. Demand for these professionals is highest in these areas.

Clinical Psychologist :

– MPhil candidates may practice independently. Like any psychiatrist, they also give a lot of therapy to patients. However, to become a psychiatrist, one has to choose a psychiatry subject in PG after doing MBBS. A psychologist cannot advise patients about medicines.

Organizational Psychologist :

– They work in the Human Resource Development and HR Department of Psychologists, Multinational Companies and Organizations as well as various companies and institutions. The main job of these professionals is to solve the problems of the employees of that institution.

Research :

– If you want to do research, then both qualitative and quantitative research can be done in this area. You can also do a Ph.D. in this field.

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  • – Delhi University
  • – Tata Institute of Social Sciences
  • – Jamia Millia Islamia University
  • – Ambedkar University
  • – Punjab University
  • – Banaras Hindu University
  • – Aligarh Muslim University

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