If you want to Study Abroad, Then give importance to the course more than the college ranking

Higher study abroad is not only attractive but it is also considered important from the perspective of better careers. If your priority is to study abroad, then you should know that you are not the only one to do so, because every year about three lakh Indian students apply for education abroad. According to a report by Business Insider, the number has increased by 50 percent in the last five years.

However, you should know that such cases also arise nowadays when various countries have rejected study visa applications of Indian students. The latest case in this context dates back to the beginning of 2016 when New Zealand rejected the visas of 3864 Indian students. Keeping in mind such many other reasons, here are all the things that you should keep in mind while applying for admission to a foreign university.

Try to get out of the illusion of choice

– Since there are more than a hundred universities in different countries that provide attractive courses, there are many things to consider. First of all, you should research the courses available at each university in which you are looking for your future. Prioritize the subjects you are interested in before shortlisting. The special thing among all of these is that you should avoid applying for admission to more universities, as this can lead to confusion. For this, make a list on the basis of the priority of universities and then apply them.

Find the right reason for the course and college

– If you want to get a degree in fashion designing, because you consider it to be a popular field or you are a creative person, then keep in mind your similar interest and reasons in choosing any course. Must do. Course selection should be based on your own aptitude, research, and interest. After this, you should do research for a good university. Sometimes students go to a university too, Because his friends have also chosen the same university. You should avoid this and do patient research for your better future.

Question and focus mainly on research

– When you like a particular course at a university and the questions related to it are coming in your mind, then you should not hesitate to ask this question in the experts. Keep in mind that your questions often leave out hidden information which proves to be better for your future and you are able to make good decisions. You can ask various questions including course options, opportunities related to part-time jobs, extra-curricular activities, internship related opportunities. Most universities that offer admission to international students also provide counselor facility for student queries.

Look at the course value, not the ranking

While taking information about any university, do not make your perception about it by looking at its ranking. Keep in mind that international universities’ rankings change over a set period of time. In some universities, better departments or courses are available, but because of not achieving good positions in the overall rankings, this information is not available. This way you can lose the opportunity to enroll yourself in these departments or courses. Therefore, it is better that you leave the overall ranking and do research on universities and courses at your level.

Always have your plan B ready

– A common mistake most students make is that they do not make any plans regarding their backup options. In fact, your dream universities have high entry requirements, so whether you consider yourself to be the right candidate or not, you should apply. This is because if you do not have a selection in a university, then at least you have other options. Apart from this, in case of admission many times, having high fees can also cause problems for you, In such a situation, considering the other options, you should consider the option of applying to another university.

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