Apart from engineering, PCM students can make their career here

Most of the students who opt for Physics, Chemistry and Maths (PCM) Subject in 12th opt for Engineering. Admission in this is based on the score of JEE Main whereas the JEE Advanced score is required for admission to IIT. But during the last few years, due to the problem of jobs, now students are being disturbed by engineering. Only students who have an engineering degree from top institutes are successful in getting a good job. In such a situation, students who are not able to get a good rank in JEE Main can also choose other career options. Most of the students who opt for the 12th examination with Physics, Chemistry, and Maths (PSM) subjects opt for engineering. But in this only students studying from the top institutes get a good job. In such a situation, for the students of this stream, apart from engineering, other career options are being told about the career experts Pankaj Kapadia and Vikas Kumar.

These can be options in traditional stream

Students opting for Arts stream related subjects have options like Bank, Railways, Management, Journalism, Teaching. There are more possibilities in courses like Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretaryship, Cost and Work Accountancy, Market Analyst for those who opt for Stream related to Commerce. Apart from this, they can also opt for General Competition for management, teaching or government jobs.

JEE Main applicants reduced

The result of the reduction in engineering jobs is that now the number of students applying for JEE Main to be held for admission in engineering colleges is steadily decreasing.

60% of students did not get jobs

According to data released by the All India Council for Technical Education, 60% of the students studying in engineering colleges across the country are unable to get jobs after the course. Apart from such engineering, other jobs have to be opted.

Students who opt for humanities at the undergraduate level are the most

Although engineering is chosen by such a large number of students, the number of students who opt for Humanities at the Bachelor’s level is the highest. After this, the proportion of students doing a Bachelor of Science degree is higher.

These areas can be selected

  1. Computer Science: IT sector, CS, the software developer can choose options like. There are options like Programmer, Multimedia Designing, Network Administration, Technology Manager.
  2. Para Medical: Physiotherapy, speech therapy, audiology, nursing, orthopedist, medical lab technology, nutritionist, etc. can be selected.
  3. Biotechnology: You can choose options like Bio-Science, Botany, Zoologist, Biologist, Environmental Science.
  4. Food Technology: The option of food technology can also prove to be better for those who are fond of food and treasury. If you want, you can also opt for home science.
  5. Dairy Science: After 12th, students can take admission in the course of Dairy Technology after passing the entrance exam on All India Basis. Some institutes also offer two-year diploma courses in dairy technology.
  6. Environmental Science: Ecology, Disaster Management, Wildlife Management, Pollution Control are taught. There are good job prospects.
  7. Micro Biology: BSc in Life Science or BSc in Micro-Biology course can be done.
  8. Water Science: It is a science associated with the surface of the water. It has to study subjects such as hydromeritology, hydrogeology, drainage basin management, water quality management, hydroinformatics.
  9. Bachelor of Business Studies: One can enroll in BBS Undergraduate Management Program. For this, there is an entrance examination at the All India level. English and Mathematics subjects are also required for admission in it.
  10. Bachelor of Financial and Investment Analysis: BFIA is a specialized course. In this, students are told about various aspects of finance.
  11. Bachelor of Business Economics: BBE is a course focused on economics used in the market. It differs from traditional economics honors in this sense.
  12. Short term course: Can make a career in animation, graphic designing, astronomy, linguistic, aviation, etc. You can also do these courses while studying or doing jobs.
  13. Physical Science: In this, you can choose options like Chemist, Mathematician, Astronomy, Forensic Science, Geographer, Geologist, Operation Researcher, Statistics.
  14. Technical Writer: To become a technical writer, first do B.Sc or B.Tech. Then you can do a technical writing course from any registered institute.
  15. Forest and Wildlife: If you have affection for forest and wildlife, after 12th you can opt for forest and wildlife and find employment in wildlife conservation or related sectors.

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