Civil services exam: By adopting these habits, you can achieve your goals

Civil services exam or IAS exam is considered to be the most difficult exam. Preparation and luck are not enough to succeed in this. For this, it is necessary that the candidate should make the preparation of IAS as their lifestyle. There is no better way of preparing it. It is necessary to adopt these habits to include IAS preparation in your lifestyle.

Create timetable

It is very important to make a timetable to succeed in the IAS exam. Your timetable should be such that the balance of study hours, rest, physical activity and social life should be maintained among all. By just studying all the time, you will get bored and you will not feel like studying. Also, you should make two to three different time schedules, in which daily, weekly and monthly goals of your studies are set. With this, you will be able to monitor your preparation and wherever necessary, you will be able to improve.

Keep concept clear

The IAS exam syllabus is very high. In such a situation, many candidates rote the facts, rather than understanding their concept. This method is absolutely wrong. Our memory can store only a limited amount of data and also we forget over time. Therefore it is very important that you know the concept of what you read. If you understand a topic well, then you will be able to remember all the information related to it.

Improve writing skills

Many times candidates focus only on the Preliminary Exam, which is an objective type exam. Initially this strategy may seem right, but later on, you will realize that it is wrong. The main exam of IAS is the traditional subjective type test, in which you have to write the answers by hand. Therefore, if you want to succeed in the main examination too, then it is better that you start improving your writing skills from the prelims level itself. Many experts are of the opinion that studying by writing is not only one of the best ways of memorizing factual information, but it is also helpful in developing a format of answers, which gives an advantage in the main exam.

Friendship with newspapers

Newspapers are best friends of an IAS candidate. You must make a habit of reading the newspaper daily. But this is not enough. You should also identify the topics on which you have to focus more. Before you start reading the newspaper ask yourself what you should read, why you should read and where you should study. In this way, you will read only what is required to be read and will gather the necessary information every day.

Quality discussion

An IAS candidate should continue to discuss with his fellow candidates and teachers and coaching instructors. Focus on one topic in these discussions, look at it from different perspectives. You will be able to give a more balanced and complete answer in the exam when different views are revealed on a topic. Being a member of any such discussion group also provides inspiration for studies. Also, it helps in preparing for the interview.

Problem Solving Attitude

To succeed in the exam, not only while working as an IAS officer, but you also need a problem-solving skill. You may have to face the challenges of the reading syllabus, time management, resources, peer pressure, society pressure, etc. In such situations, your problem-solving attitude will work.

Be your own teacher

Preparing for IAS is a long and tedious task. As if its syllabus increases continuously. And the time continuously decreases. In such a situation, relying on one teacher, guide, mentor or one coaching class material is not going to be a matter. You have to be your own teacher. Make your own questions and use the reference and study material to find answers to them. By playing the roles of both teacher and student yourself, you will gain self-confidence which is necessary to succeed in any exam.

Healthy lifestyle

No one has been able to clear the IAS exam till date by locking himself in the room. You should also pay attention to your health, entertainment, and social life. Take time every day for yoga, meditation or running, sports, etc. Get nutritious food and sleep for at least 8 hours daily. Spend time with family, make friends whose goals are similar to yours. This will keep your focus and keep you motivated.

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