Increasing Business Prospects in Agriculture give more opportunities for management students

Agribusiness management has emerged as a better career choice due to the introduction of new technologies in agriculture and the expansion of agro-based industry. Agro products’ share in the country’s agricultural exports is also increasing. Know about this …

Agriculture has a significant contribution to the country’s economy. It has a 17.5 percent share in GDP. It also contributes to the supply of raw materials in various sectors of the country. There have been many fundamental changes in the last years due to the introduction of new technologies in agriculture. The business sector has also not remained untouched by the new strategy of business strategy and globalization. At present, agriculture is not limited to just food production, but it is also playing an important role in the field of business.With the increasing production of agriculture-based products, new career options are coming up in this field. New opportunities for employment have arisen in the field of agribusiness.

Those companies, which do business transactions with farmers, fall in the field of agribusiness. Whether these transactions were done as a product or as a service. Similarly, agriculture, seeds, pesticides, and distribution, loaning for agriculture, agricultural insurance, conservation and processing of agricultural products are also involved in agriculture. In simple words, from investing money to farming, the marketing of agricultural products comes in the field of Agribusiness.Agribusiness in developing countries like India can be divided into four parts – investment, production, processing, and marketing. Every year in India, about 20 to 30 percent of food items and about 30 percent of fruits and vegetables are ruined by floods, insects, and lack of storage facilities. In such a situation, the demand for agribusiness management has increased due to reducing it and promoting higher yields. In such a situation, new options have also been created for professionals in the management field.


– Agri-Business Management courses are at the postgraduate level. Students pursuing Bachelor’s degrees from Dairy, Food, Agriculture Engineering or related streams can take admission in PG course. Most institutes have PG diploma courses. For admission in this, scores of exams like CAT, ZAT, MAT, CIMAT are required. Some institutes also conduct their own entrance tests. For further studies, they can also take admission in Ph.D. course.

Job Prospect

– There is a shortage of trend professionals due to the low number of students taking courses from this area. Students taking Agribusiness Management courses can work in warehousing, retail, seed, fertilizer and pesticide companies, banks and insurance sectors. Apart from this, management experts, policymakers and educational institutions can do jobs in it.


– In this area, the salary package may be different according to the institute. In the field of Agribusiness Management, the fresher can get a package of 15 thousand to 20 thousand rupees per month. After a few years of experience, the annual salary package can be up to Rs 6 lakh per year. Graduate students from large institutes like IIMs are likely to get more packages in the beginning.

Premier institute

  1. IIM, Lucknow               :
  2. IIM, Ahmedabad          :
  3. Manage, Hyderabad   :
  4. IABM, Bikaner             :

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