5 Best Ways to Make Short Notes, Focusing on These Points Will Increase Scores

It has often been seen that many students make short notes of all subjects but it becomes difficult for them to repeat those notes. Due to this, it seems difficult to repeat any topic at the time of the exam or to understand its important points. There are some special tips with the help of which not only your short notes can be easily made, but it will also be easy for you to revise the topic. So let us know how to make short notes and which points should be kept in mind to make your notes good:

1. Never prepare notes at first

The basic level of understanding the concept of any topic is very basic when reading once. If you started to make notes after reading once, then those notes become very elaborate due to which it is difficult to repeat the topic with the help of such notes. So always read and understand the topic carefully before making notes. Do not prepare the notes of his topic by reading it once.

2. Understand First

While making notes, also pay special attention to whether the topic is well understood or not? ……….. understand all the points of the topic properly and 2 to 3 times well Read it When you fully understand all the points of that topic, then give some tests related to that topic and in the end make important notes by properly understanding its important points.

3. Always make notes shorter and to the point

Now you know that it is important to understand the topic properly while making notes and to know all its important points…. When you have understood this, then what are the points that you should make while making notes? You have to know to mark in the notes. Now you have also understood well that your notes do not make you very big, just keep the points and examples in your notes that are very important.

4. Do not use book language

When making notes, the most important thing is that when you repeat it, it will be easily understood by you. The best thing about this is that whenever you start making notes, you should write it in your language, not in the language of your book, and these notes will prove more effective for you. If you want, you can use pictures, flow charts, important points and examples to understand the topic in your notes.

5. Use short notes while repeating topics

Whenever you have to reread a topic or repeat several chapters, always take the help of your short notes. Because when you take the help of your notes to read the topic again, then you will understand how easy it is for you to understand the topic and you can also use your textbook as a reference book.

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